COVID vaccine #1 – I hate needles!

2021 started fairly uneventful, besides a few lunatics who decided to enter the Capitol building, introduce a new (ancient) president, and the usual political BS in DC. The pandemic has not stopped causing havoc across the Globe, although there might be a glimmer of hope. Our future might be a little brighter with the release of the long-anticipated vaccine.

The release of the COVID-19 vaccine in December 2020 has the possibility of opening up our lives to the “good old days” and soon. That is, of course, assuming we all get the vaccine relatively quickly. For many, it is a glimmer of hope, while for others, it touts uncertainty.

Granted, we have a huge movement of skeptical people who are worried about the vaccine’s safety. Several of these concerns come from the usual anti-vaxxer community. Others are rooted in skepticism in the short time frame the vaccine was conceived, “tested,” and subsequently released.

I fall into the latter group, and it not a lack of trust in our scientists. However, I wonder if the vaccine has been tested enough to prevent long-term impact on younger generations.

If I become sterile, then that is just a cool benefit. Part of me worries if our kids will have experience some long term medical challenges.

On the flip side, if we want to get back to our lives and restart the world economy, we need to accept that a vaccine is our only choice. Governments and mass media will not allow us to start living again without restrictions or a vaccine.

Fear has been injected into every living person’s mind, and too many people have died. The world has indeed changed!

The vaccine will become an annual vaccine from the day onwards. I fail to see how we can believe that it will only be a once-off injection. It is part of the new norm!

I’ve never been vaccinated for the flu in the past, until I started my new job in healthcare. It’s not that I was an anti-vaxxer. I Just felt that we will only make the flu strains stronger, if we continue to get vaccinated. At what point does the virus get too strong and we cannot successfully protect against these super viruses.

Perhaps that is just the conspiracy tinfoil hat theory that brews in my head!

I had my concerns about getting the COVID vaccine when it was offered at work. Knock on wood, we (my family) had not been infected in the past 11 months with this awful virus, but it might only be a matter of time until we get it.

We all agree we want to travel and socialize again, but the world will not heal or open up until we have heard immunity or a vaccine.

Part of me was fighting the logic of getting the injection, but I decided to get the vaccine in the end. It was not clear when I would get the offer again. A vaccine cannot make me any uglier or develop the third leg. Imagine if I suddenly developed Alopecia Universalis and lost my iconic beard!

We got offered the vaccine through work early January 2021.

On the day of the injection, I took my shirt off for the lovely nurse, exposing my hairy chest and tattoos. It is one of those moments where you think you have a body like Tom Hardy but realize it is just a hairy Pee-Wee Herman.

The nurse wiped the target area with alcohol and quickly inject the first dose of the COVID vaccine. No flashing lights, fanfare, or high five. It was a rather deflating experience. Two minutes in/out, and not even a sticker!

The interesting part of the COVID vaccine is that it has to be given with an hour once the vaccine has been opened and removed from the freezer. Each veil contains enough for ten injections, so it requires a fair bit of coordination with patients. You need at least ten individuals ready, in line when you crack open the bottle.

Afterward, I walked back to my office, with my mask on, and sat down at my desk to continue to work. Again, no standing ovation or recognition. We continue our lives.

There were no side effects at all from the first shot. Well, the injection area was a little sore, but nothing alarming, and nothing different compared to a visit to the lab for a blood test.

The masks cannot be removed and we cannot socialize. Nothing changes after the first vaccine!

Now I can patiently wait for the second injection in 28 days. Until then, live goes on and we will observe the restrictions. It is the first chapter towards a normal life again, I hope.

For the record, I got the Moderna vaccine.

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