Song of the Day: Everything Changed

Everything has changed, that’s for sure.

My life was turned upside down almost two years ago, as I started to realize that we are all mortal.  By early October 2018, I was nothing but a fragile broken body and mind.

My thoughts and mental state were in a bad place, a place that was controlled by fear.  The devil was lurking around the next nightmare, and I was seriously doubting if I would survive this.

During the dark times, I discovered Zach Williams (and his awesome band of course) and his inspiring music.  It is more than just music.  It is worship and messages of hope, strength, and forgiveness.

Everything changed
When I fell on my knees
Everything changed
When your love rescued me

I wasn’t living a wild and reckless life, but I was not looking after myself either.  I had let my body grow, overindulging, and lost my way with my faith.

It was an emotional and sudden change, as I realized that my prayers in the ICU bed had been heard by the Lord.  I know it sounds rather a fanboy like, but I truly believe that Zach Williams’ songs provided me with the messages and support I needed.

I met him in 2019 and got to thank him for his music, although I’m sure he hears that a lot.  In my case, I’m sudden his song ‘Survivor‘ saved my life and turned me to God.

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