Song of the Day: My Testimony

Sunday – the day of the week where we seek comfort and support from the Lord, and praise him for another week that has been completed.  We finish the week on a high note and kick off the new week with blessings.

While we cannot have worship in churches, or at least highly reduced numbers, we can still spend time thanking the Lord for the opportunity to be here, and that we can be blessed with continued good health.

We offer prayers to all the people who have caught this infernal decease, who have lost loved ones, or who cannot travel to see loved ones.

Have faith!  This is not the end and we will get through this.  We pray and ask for blessings.  In the darkness, there will be light.

The song by Elevation Worship sends tome strong messages of hope, and that the Lord will provide us the healing and comfort.  His work is not done yet!

Come together, sons and daughters

Bought with blood

And washed in water

Sing the praises of the Spirit

Son and Father

Our God will finish what He started

Our God will finish what He started

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