Song of the day: Sexcrime (1984)

Orson Welles may have predicted the future back in 1949 when he released the novel “1984“.  The book centers around the consequences of the government over-reach, totalitarianism, mass surveillance, and repressive regime taking control of all persons and behaviors within society.

Given where we are moving towards in 2020, the novel and the movie should be renamed to “2020”, where everything is monitored.  We are watched every moment of our lives; internet, phones, emails, letters, security cameras, and soon the governments will add tracers to monitor health.  It is perhaps just a matter of time until each individual gets microchipped to track our movements and can predict spreads or flareups of viruses.

Europe might have created and implemented strict privacy rules as part of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and it is very strict, but I fail to see how that is being enforced with the latest conversations about ‘tracers’, ‘immunity passports’ and apps that will share your COVID status and allowing you to see if someone around had COVID-19.

We have to be careful with how this evolves and how much control governments actually take.  They are sneaking in on full control and soon we may have a ‘state security‘ agency that enforces all aspects of our freedoms.

Eurythmics was asked to write songs for the movie, only to be shafted before the release when the producer decided to use another band’s songs.  Thankfully their song “Sexcrime” was used for the trailer.

Can I take this for granted
With your eyes over me?
In this place this wintry home
I know there’s always someone in

Their lyrics took a starting point in the Orson Welles novel but never made it to the top charts.  For some reason the lyrics were either misunderstood or seen as too provocative.

Listen, I love Annie Lennox’s voice and Dave Stewart’s chords.  They released some awesome songs over the years, and this is absolutely one of the better tracks.

This particular song and album was released in 1948 🙂

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