Save a flower

redhawk-dancersWe had the wonderful experience of attending a Native American Pow Wow some weeks ago, in Bear Mountain (NY) and it was a fantastic day.  Weather was late 80’s Fahrenheit and the pow wow was full of colourful native indians wearing their costumes.

Visitors were welcome to participate and could buy plenty of souvenirs, handcrafts and refreshments.  The latter was import to make sure your body was hydrated in the heat.

As I was getting refreshing lemonades for the family, I noticed another visitor who looking a little pale.  It was an elderly native american, who was accompanied by her son (I believe).  She complained about dizziness and was showing signs of heat stroke and/or dehydration.

Suddenly she sat down and I decided to help out.  No one else seemed to worry too much.  I got her into a chair in the shade and got her some cold water, and also a cold sugary strawberry lemonade.

Another person placed ice cubes on her neck, but they quickly dropped into the seat in which she was sitting.  I’m sure that was uncomfortable, and informed her that I was going to touch her butt – she smiled and said that it has not happened for some years 🙂

She seemed to be doing better gradually and I left her to bring back the lemonade to my family.

native_flowerI returned to the lady some minutes later and learned that her name was Lomasi (Pretty Flower).  She was very happy to see me and confirmed that she was feeling better.  I gave her a hug and left.

I seem to be getting into the habit of saving people – not a bad thing and great feeeling.

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