Java Challenge

java runtime environment error mac yosemiteI recently upgraded my Mac to Yosemite, for free of course thanks to Apple, and ever since I get this really annoying browser error “To view this web content yo
u need to install the Java Runtime Environment.”

To make matters worse, after clicking through to Oracle’s to “Download Java for Mac OS X” and installing it, the error persisted.  I most have tried to install this version a dozen times, but with little or no success.

I even uninstalled/deleted the Java tool from my Mac, rebooted thinking I was working with Windows OS, install it again, only to find that error was not resolved.Next option – Google.  And thanks to other people who have been through the same painful hours, they have developed a simple path to resolving this error.

I cannot claim to have developed the steps, so this is courtesy of another fellow Mac user.

oracle java for os xThe reason the general (normal) approach work by installing the official Java version is because… wait for it… it is the wrong link.

The error is being generated by Oracle, so naturally it directs you to Oracle’s Java download page for OS X.

STOP! STOP!  You need the official Apple version of Java for OS X.

java for os x 2014 apple

Be sure to restart your browser after installing!

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