The Proper Party Drink

caipirinha_2I have on recent occasions posted my sincere affection for the most awesome party drink ever, Caipirinha, so it’s only natural that I share some awesome videos from @novofogo exploring the soul of a proper party drink.

The videos attempt to explain the soul of Caipirinha, which I think they do in a great way, in the short mini series on their YouTube site.  It’s not like watching Jamie Oliver food creations or Game of Thrones, but it does really well at explaining the importance of understanding where a drink comes from in order to create the perfect Caipirinha.  Well done to the Seattle boys!

Just to be on the safe side, I don’t get any commission or other freebies from these Godlike juice creators.  It just goes to show that YouTube can promote greatness when it can be used to share wonderful ideas 🙂

And, lets remind everybody NOT TO drink and do something silly while langered (langered = shit faced / drunk), which includes some of the following activities, but could easily be expanded:

  • operate any vehicle (1 to many wheels)
  • skate or float or jump off any device (bungee, parachuting, roller blades, etc.)
  • swim or bathing (beach, pool, river, shower, etc.)
  • have unconsensual sex with anybody (including animals)
  • any kind of shopping that involves credit cards
  • visit strip joints or other sexual pleasure domes
  • get married or propose to get married
  • shot guns, bows, wield knives or other weapons
  • play sports or other physical activities

The main point is to stay safe.  Drinking will certainly affect your senses and could land you in a lot of trouble, so please refrain from doing silly stuff while hammered.

caipirinhaJust for the record, I will be buying a few of their bottles to taste their recipes.  Not that they’ll beat my awesome Caipirinha mixture, but it doesn’t hurt to sample other flavors.

If Novo Fogo wants me to sample and create awesome drinks using their brand, I would be absolutely delighted.  So, if the Novo Fogo team decides to read this little post, and want to donate to my experiments, I would be honored … and yes, I’m older than 21!

I promise, I will write a follow-up post about my Novo Fogo experience 🙂

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