This is the end of Ginger Lemmy

November draws to an end and so does my ginger Lemmy adventures.  It has been tough going in so many ways to grow this year’s MOvember contribution, but it has also been a creation that has drawn several amusing comments and raised brows.

Each year one attempts to grow facial hair that stands out in the crowd, increasing the chances of getting spectators to provide some financial contributions into the MOvember account.

For those not familiar with MOvember phenomenon, it’s a cancer awareness activity that takes place in November and focuses primarily on prostate cancer – and, you might have read in previous posts that my dad passed away as a result of prostate cancer.  Mostly men participate in this event, given the ability to grow a beard, but some women (scary thought!) also create accounts … What do they grow and what evidence do we have that it’s actually a MO?!

What d’ya think?

I’m not a fan of the usual turd underneath the noise, Tom Selleck style, so I attempt to grow something special each year.  This year I was inspired by an old and still living legend – the one and only LEMMY.  Although I cannot recreate the two growths he has on his cheek and I have a slightly different colour facial hair, I’m was still committed to grow a Lemmy-style MO.

The Lemmy style growth got me some attention and most people I encountered assumed that I was anything but an IT guy.  Frankly, some people even took their distance or made sure that they didn’t piss me off.  Why, oh why, was my creation so God-fearing? 🙂

  • Hillbilly; dressed in my jeans, outdoor boots, lumberjack jacket and cap, and people thought that I had arrived in my super-sized 4×4 with a gun in the rear window.
  • Biker; where’s the Harley?
  • Musician; for some reason people said I resembled a heavy metal musician, and some even asked if I was in a band … What?  A boy band?  My own sister even compared me with a country musician.
  • Trucker; I also received questions, when arriving in shops, if I was the delivery guy!

My dear daughter loved my beard, and even drew an excellent picture (see below) which really captured my look – with the exception of the earring.  It even shows my Chelsea T-shirt.

But I’m not sure my wife fully appreciated the red Lemmy as it tickles her lips when we kiss.  She’s happy that November only comes once a year.

Should I keep it or should it go?

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