Apple Hospital

My super fantastic 27″ Apple Cinema display has died!

Well, it has been building up to that moment for the past few months, and it finally gave up the spirit and will no longer display my desktop.  There’s only one solution to this illness –> bring it to the local Apple Genius Bar.

My perception of Apple is as follows.  Consumers are willing to pay slightly more for the Apple gear – but it does work much better than the evil brother Windows.

Steve Jobs has always, to me at least, appeared as a very relaxed CEO with a very relaxed and simple sense of attire.  I have no objections to jeans and turtlekneck shirts, but sometimes it looks better to wear a suit – not necessarily a tie.

The stereotype Apple employee is a young enthusiastic jeans dressed individual, wearing designer T-shirts.  They’ll have an interesting hairdo, flash a number of visible tattoos and to top (bottom) it off with some ridiculously looking designer runners.  In a nutshell, they look like college students lost on project catwalk.

This was going to be my first visit to the actual Apple Genius Bar and I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

I flung open the glass doors and had only entered a few steps into the shop, when I was approached (stopped) by a young jeans dressed Apple nerd, wearing the iPhone earpieces around his neck like a necklace and an iPhone in his hand.  I ‘checked’ in and was directed towards The Bar.

  • Just a word of advice, always go to the Genius Bar before you actually bring in your hardware, as you need to make an appointment with one of the Apple super tech nerds.
  • Another point to consider, 9 out of 10 times you will end up paying to visit the Genius Bar, unless you of course have purchased the AppleCare which many Apple fanatics avoid.  Why buy extra warranty for these super-cool products?

At the Bar, the uber Nerd ran a few minor diagnostic tools on my otherwise dead cinema display, looked at his iPad 3 and then informed me that I’d have to pay $170 to replace the logic board.  Eh, ok!

I can’t wait to get my little baby back home again, so I can extend my desktop and make use of the full screen real estate for my Safari browser, a few games, email and of course iTunes for pumping cool tunes through the house.

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