Waiting on Frankenstorm

Eight states on the US East coast have been declared ‘state of emergency’, which basically mean something really bad has happened or something extremely bad is about to happen.

In this case, something extremely bad is about to happen.  A perfect storm is about to hit most of the East coast, and will probably be worse than the less evil sister ‘Hurricane Irene’.  Some even say it’ll be the worst storm hitting the East coast in a century, but that’s probably the same people who said ‘Irene’ would be an evil bitch bullying most of the East coast.

At first I thought it was going to be a sever winter storm or ‘just’ some heavy winds.  But after reading about the upcoming mother nature event on the web, it’s pretty clear that we might be fucked – I do apologise the foul language.

‘Hurricane Sandy’ is moving slowly up the Eastern US coast line, causing havoc where ever she goes.  Not only is she bringing millions of gallons of water and causing wind gusts from 50-90mph.  On top of that, this femme fatale has a wider mid section of up to 500 miles, which effectively is the same size as California.  This girl means business!!

To make matters slightly more dramatic, it would appear that a further two storms are heading in our direction, well more like three storms if you count the arrival of my mother-in-law too.  The two other storms are a winter storm from the West and another storm coming from the Great Lakes.  They all collide over New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  No wonder they called this Frankenstorm!

Certain parts of the coast line will see the sea level increase 4-6 feet, but in some more unfortunate areas the sea level will rise from 6-11 feet – that’s just ridiculous.  Image the damage that will have on ares along the shores.

For the past few days, we’ve been stockpiling provisions, prepared the BBQ, brought in fire wood, removed outdoor furniture / toys and moved the cars into somewhat safety – only problem is that the ol’ SUV (Chevy Suburban) does NOT fit into the garage.  Besides, we have all the bicycles there anyway.

Late afternoon we prepared food and filled empty milk bottles (gallon bottles) with tap water, and the entire clan got a well deserved shower – oh, and we’ve been washing clothes all weekend.

  • snacks & biscuits ready
  • water bottles
  • dog food
  • paper towels & toilet paper
  • lasagna
  • breads
  • wine & soda

I think we are as ready as we can be at this stage.  Now we can follow the hurricane on TV until we lose power (if we lose power) and go to bed.

Just like last year, it looks like Halloween might be a complete wash-out.  Schools have already been closed and the storm is meant to linger in the area until Tuesday or Wednesday.

So far, there has been no wind or rain in our area, but I guess it’s silence before the Frankenstorm!?

I’ll provide further updates on Twitter (@judgebrix).  Wish us luck and see you on the other side or in the Land of Oz.

It’ll be a few tough days I’m sure.

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