Abused by Mother Nature

48 hours later and we are still here.

Actually, we are doing very well and have power, heating, food, etc.  Kids are off school these days and are enjoying spending time at home.  Sleeping in the same room for 2 days made it seem like a camping trip, so they had loads of fun and almost didn’t notice Sandy beating up the house.  It would’ve been a completely different story if we had lost power!

During the last many hours we’ve been glued to the TV following the news about Frankenstorm aka Hurricane Sandy.  It’s absolutely horrifying to witness all the havoc this storm has caused throughout the East Coast, and makes it even clearer that we had been EXTREMELY lucky.

I don’t need to repeat what’s being shown in the media, but you all know it was horrible.

Personally it has been a very scary experience and one I do not want to try it again for a long time.  The worst for us was the sound of the wind and hearing how it was pulling the house (and trees) in all directions.

To put this into a Halloween scenario, given the time Sandy decided to arrive, it has been one hell of a horror movie unfolding.  At times it felt as if Jason Voorhees’ mother was battering the house all while Mother Nature rapped the entire East Coast.  I feel totally violated and it just shows how powerful Nature is and how we become insignificant once these forces are unleashed.

As a result, the local authorities have postponed Halloween, which is totally understandable.  It’s not safe for the kids to go trick ‘n treating with electrical wires hanging down and trees dangling dangerously across pathways and streets.  Absolutely no point sending our kids into the Sandy war zone.

Because we had no damage, I decided to drive around the neighborhood yesterday, to see if anybody needed help.  I placed my handsaw, axe and gloves on the front seat and headed off.  It didn’t take long for me to find a family that needed help.  4 large trees had fallen, and two of these had taken out a car each.

Actual Footage

Agile as a gazelle, I jumped out of the car and almost tripped over a fallen branch.  I grabbed my saw, placed it on my shoulders as if I was a professional lumberjack and asked if they needed help.  They paused a few seconds probably wondering if I was a local serial killer or a genuine helper.  Thankfully they realized that I was there to assist.

Two hours later, several cuts and tree goo all over my clothes, and we had freed the two cars.  They were pretty much totaled, but at least they could be properly assessed.  I informed the family I had to go and they were extremely grateful.

Random act of kindness strikes again!

The amount of sap on my hands made it difficult to put the tools down, so I had to drive with the hatchet attached to my hand all the way home.  Many fellow drivers were starring strangely at me, as the hatchet was waving as I was driving, and thankfully I didn’t meet the local sheriff.

It was rewarding to help.  A real feel good factor and the family I helped got a boost that people are there to help.

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