A few useless rules

I picked these up from a show I like to watch – Gas Monkey Garage – which you may or may not be able to use.

  1. Grow a beard
  2. If you can’t grow a beard, find someone with a beard and ask if you can adopt him and change his name to Aaron
  3. Go to the zoo. Watch the monkeys throw poo at each other
  4. Make loud, exaggerated car sounds with your mouth when turning corners in your car. Or when rounding corners out of your car.
  5. Point to people with both hands and say, “WHAOW!”
  6. Wear your sunglasses at night
  7. Take your car apart and put it back together
  8. Take someone else’s car apart and put it back together
  9. Wheel and deal with everyone. If the cashier says your groceries cost $50, tell her $30 works better for you.
  10. Get your motorcycle license. Don’t have a motorcycle? Buy one!

Please note, I’m not advocating that these rules should be followed.  Before adhering to any of the suggested rules, you should use common sense and it depends where in the World you are when you attempt to try these rules.


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