Mad Easter Bunny Race

The sun was rising bright and yellow over the horizon, and it was showing signs of being another beautiful day in New Jersey.  Easter Sunday had arrived and the Easter Bunny had been pooping chocolate eggs around gardens and parks.  Today was going to be a fun-filled and yet mental day.  I would see sides of my kids I hand’t witnessed before.

Our Sunday started like any other Sunday – a short visit the Uber Dude’s house, talking about an old book, hearing stories and of course a little bit of singing.  Not that I’d ever utter my Mordor sounding voice in a church, but I can at least sway along to the crowds that had gathered in the House of Houses.

What was really on my mind was a chance to spend some time with some good friends, and have a relaxed Sunday afternoon with good food and laughter.

We had been invited to participate in a small Easter Egg hunt in their garden, something my kids had never tried before, so this was going to be so exciting for the kids … and for too, as I normally reap the benefits around Easter, when the kids kindly give me their chocolate.  For some reason, they don’t eat that much chocolate, so someone has to eat it before it goes bad, and that someone is me … aka the chocolate monster.

Right, back to church.

Easter is apparently, according to my good friend Mr. Google, one of the most important celebrations of the Christian Church, when all shades of Christianity celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

El jefe was crucified on Good Friday, absorbing the sin of all people, but rose from the dead (first account of zombies) three days later on Easter Sunday – returning from the under World.  Sounds like a real George A. Romero movie.

Conincidently, Easter Sunny is also when another strange phenomenon pops up – literally.  The Easter Bunny, aka EB, visits all kids and poops some Chocolate Easter eggs.

Ok, back to the story.

As soon as we arrived at our friend’s house, the kids were given a basket each and clear instructions “EB had visited the garden and left treasures behind.  You have to find these treasures”.

Suddenly six kids stormed into the garden, frantically looking for these hidden treasures.  They looked up, down, behind obstacles, in boxes, in the house and in the cars.

As soon as they spotted a treasure, they dived at it.  They didn’t even consider whether the plant next to it was stinging or not, or whether an animal had left something behind that they might land on.  The name of the game was simple – get as many treasures as possible.

Us parents were sitting within a safe distance of these little EB hunters.  We wouldn’t want to get in the way of the kids, fearing that they would tea a major artery or inflict serious bite injuries.  So, we stayed on the porch, enjoying a nice chilled glass of wine.

This went on for about 20 minutes, until every stone had been turned, every bush searched and every other possible hiding place had been explored.

Man, they really enjoyed this treasure hunt.  And, afterwards they compared amount of treasures found, and started to munch on the chocolate.  Unfortunately that also meant that they weren’t the least hungry.  Thankfully it’s only once a year.

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