Is Feidir Linn

The last two weeks have been great.

I really feel inspired by the new Is Feidir Linn (roughly translated into ‘yes we can’) movement and inspiration.  It is fast become the new motto in Ireland, thanks to Mr. Obama’s speech on College Green.

Last week, we travelled to the US to find our new family home (rental) and to register the kids in school … and to open our first American bank account.

The week flew by.  We drove up ‘n down the Garden State Parkway, which ‘splits’ New York state and New Jersey state – and goes all the way to New York City.

The mission:  Find a house that can fit all five of us and two dogs

This is a big challenge, especially because not many people are interested in renting out their house to people with pets.  Most houses that do allow puts are run down and/or isolated in the mountains.  That said, we did see several very nice houses that permitted pets.

I think we clocked in about 500 miles in the rented Buick Enclave, but it seemed so relaxing to drive around and look at houses.  Perhaps it was the comfort of the Buick, automatic gears or simply the anticipation of a new life starting soon.


No stress.  No mobiles.  No hassle.  Just the hobbits and me.

After a few days, we found the house and signed the lease.  We were given the nod from the Italian cosa nostra (reincarnation of Joe Viterelli), and were extremely pleased.  It was a “small” ranch look-alike house, sitting on 2 acres with a small pond. I’m sure I owe him some favour one day, when he needs his computer fixed.

Next step: finding the school

This was much easier than anticipated.  The school was literally 0.9 miles down the road and we just drove down there in the Buick.  It was the easiest process of them all.  The principal, teachers and special needs assistants made us feel very welcome.

The bank account was created almost to easy, but I’m not complaining.  I was greeted by the over enthusiastic bank manager, welcoming me to the bank.  Even if it was corny, it was still a very nice feeling.  They do understand the concept of excellent customer service.

So, after a successful and very pleasant week in the US, we returned home to Ireland, with a increased sense of Is Feidir Linn.  The prospects of living in a bigger house, better weather and huge cars just makes this journey so more appealing.

Next step: packing up the family

The remaining task is really to pack up the house and family, and ship the dogs.  Luckily the movers will pack all our stuff, animal transportation company deals with door-to-door service and I’m sure we can find the airport ourselves.

All that remains now is to go on a couple of sessions with family, friends and colleagues, celebrating the fact that we are leaving.

Wish us luck!  Is Feidir Linn!

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