I’m the Easter Bunny

It’s never to late to say Happy Easter.

Some might even say that Easter lasts several days, almost a week, especially for me.

You might wonder why?

Well, the fact is, my kids don’t eat chocolate.

We’ve told friends and family about this rare occurrence, but most of tend to forget this when Easter comes around.  As a result, we get a few kilos of chocolate, which I in turn have to make sure the kids don’t see or eat.

It’s not that we deny them the access to chocolate, but they don’t really want it.  They magically prefer fruits and lollies.

That, and the fact that our daughter gets sick after eating about 30 grams of chocolate!

Yes, they do on occasion get a piece of chocolate from their granny, but it doesn’t go down too well with the kids – see above paragraph!  I’m not really sure if it’s the taste or the sugar rush it creates, but neither of them crave it.

And, this is the total opposite to me, hence I have a body that might resemble the Michelin Man.  Well, he’s using 24″ tires around the belly, where as I’m only using 12-14″ tires.

Another slight disadvantage of this chocolate frenzy is that I no longer have a six pack belly, but more a 4 gallon bottle placed strategically where my belly is meant to be.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I end up eating all the Easter chocolate eggs.  That is why Easter lasts for about a week for me.  It takes times to consume.

The positive reader would notice that I sacrifice my personal appearance for my kids – I am a daddy hero!

On the upside.  When Easter is here that normally means that the weather is getting better, so I can start going for walks again with the dogs.  Whom am I kidding?!

It’s so much esier to let the dogs into the garden, feet up and telly on – what a life 🙂

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