The New Christmas Pledge

I pledge my allegiance to the Santa Nation, during the month of December at least, and for all the goodness his season brings.  This is the season to be jolly and  welcome family, friends and other folks with the smiles and warmth of the Christmas spirit.  We, the parents of our kids, are responsible for making each Christmas special – and no, you do not need to spend loads of cash.

Our family have, since I remember, endeavored to spend each Christmas with each other.  We never really wanted to travel abroad.  Christmas is just not the same anywhere else but home.

The Christmas Pledge (re-written) – 10 statements of a good Christmas

I believe in the beauty and simplicity of Christmas and therefore commit myself to the following:

  1. To express my love for family and friends in more direct ways than presents
  2. To spend as much time with the kids as possible, enjoying all the toys and sweets
  3. Make sure we have enough movies to watch, in case we get snowed in
  4. Make sure the house is full of food, snacks and beverages, to last us until Easter
  5. To be nice to people around me, including colleagues, shop keepers and other folk
  6. Eat unhealthy and wow to attend gym or go on diet in the New Year
  7. Buy presents to the kids that will cheer them up
  8. Enforce the belief in Santa, by putting out milk and biscuits for him
  9. Don’t get stressed over silly little things
  10. We can clean up after Christmas 🙂

If you can follow these simple statements or at least try, then you will have a nice Christmas, and so will everybody around you.

To all of you from all of me, and with all the sweets + food already I’m getting bigger day-by-day, I wash you a super fantastic Christmas – please extend my wishes to your family.

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