Ripple Effect…

Being a person is easy enough.  I f you were the only person on the planet there would be no one around to hit the ‘unlike’ button.  In it’s rawest format, there are no predetermined expectations or opinions about you.

Most of these prejudices emerges from people, often minorities, who have done some serious stupid things, which in return makes everybody around them generalise that all people from e.g. that area or that colour are less than favourable.

As a person, most people don’t care about colour or religion either, and not even from which continent you come from.  Damn it, it doesn’t matter anyway.  Unfortunately, people tend to generalise and spread weird rumours, making the surroundings believe these and in turn making people dislike each other.

What matters is that you treat people the same way you want to be treated.  It would be great (utopia I know) if everybody treated each other like persons and not because of stupid old myths, such as the Jews have all the money, Muslims always wage holy war, the Scandinavians are naked, the Irish are drunk, Americans are gun raving hillbilly lunatics and Asians only eat rice.  Where do all these stereotypes come from?

None of these perceptions are right.  Again, a minority of people in each of those regions are causing the problems, not the population of the regions.

There are stupid people in each race and on each continent, that makes lives worse for other people.  That’s why we have some many wars around the World.  Wars that have been started as a result of some one’s opinion of another person, without knowing them.  Innocent people are being injured or killed, and soldiers are fighting a another person’s war.

I’m not the person to solve the World’s problems.  I can only do my best to combat them in my own space; at work, with friends and in my family.  You might consider this as very narrow-minded, but if you think about, what is the last thing were you made an impact in relations to racism, poverty or war that really made a difference.

Despite thousands of peoples protests around the World, against the Iraq war, the war still rages on and soldiers on both sides are dying (rebels or allied).

But, consider this, if everybody makes small changes in their social environment, then the ripples will spread and we will make an impact on a Global level.  It just takes time and a lot of committed people.

So, the point of this blog is …

Treat people the way you want to be treated.  Make up your own opinion about other people and get to know, before judging them.  Smile to the World, and hopefully the World will smile back at you.

… a bit of free pocket philosophy.

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