And the winner is…

It has been almost a month since I launched my blog site, and I’m still amazed about the amount of traffic generated.  There has been visitors from every continent, so something most be creating an interest.

After a month of polishing off older blogs and writing new material, it would be ideal if some of you could take some time out and provide me with feedback.  I’ve written 115000+ words, which is equivalent to roughly 460 pages.

It’s always daunting to get feedback, but most of the time this should improve the quality of a good stories – in this case my blog.

So, feel free to provide feedback by:

  1. Writing comments on each blog you read
  2. Share the blog site with friends and family using the Social Network feature
  3. Spread the gospel by ‘liking’ it

More importantly, you should subscribe to my site (right hand side).   I will, at the end of August, draw a name from the list of subscribers.  The winner will be awarded with a unique biography, written by a young aspiring Irish author, which is truly an excellent read.

People joining my Facebook or Twitter page will also be included in the draw.

Did I mention that it’s a signed copy, by the author himself?  Authentic and witnessed!

You can also help me win an award by visiting the Bloggers Award, and look for my site in the following categories:

  • Hottest Daddy Blogger
  • Best Humor Blog
  • Best Parenting Blog

Support your Judgebrix!

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