Go Obama!

It was a pleasure to wake up Wednesday morning after the US presidential elections, to discover that Obama had won.  Most people had predicted this already, but there was always an outside, even remote, chance that McCain would win.  Imagine Palin as the vice president for the most powerful nation in the World.  She is too close to the red button.  So, just the picture of her trying to negotiate with hostile leaders, e.g. North Korea, freaks me out.  I’m sure that she has some good political views and opinions, but she was made look silly during the election campaign.

The news of Obama’s victory has spread joy around the Globe and he has rock star status across nations.  Countries around the World celebrated the election results as if he had won the election in their country.  Kenya even made the 4th November a National Bank Holiday.

What impressed me, was that he seems to be honest and sincere in his communication. He has some realistic aspirations for the US.  More importantly, he used the technology available to people of all ages, such as Facebook and Twitter, which resulted in him getting millions of people out to vote.  People who wouldn’t have voted at all.  He will make it easier for citizens to keep linked in.  It was about time that a Government uses the technology, which every citizen in the World has access too.

Who cares if his middle name is Hussein?  Does it really matter if he was a registered Muslim?  This just makes him an even better candidate to tackle the foreign policy of the US – which Bush completely destroyed (don’t even get me started on the devastating impact of the Bush era).

Obama has a vision of how to bring the US forward, create jobs and provide for it’s citizens.  That day in November, we were all a little bit African-American.
– by the way, I’m sure the Irish claim Obama has Irish roots too, just like Grace Kelly, Muhammad Ali and JFK.

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