Might as well get ready for Christmas

Granted, there’s still 60/61 days until Christmas, but the way this year is going, we might as well get ready for Christmas. Halloween is almost canceled, and Thanksgiving will only be for our nearest relatives, if even. No big gatherings due to the second wave of COVID rolling across the nation.

No one really cares or knows which day this is, and we seem to be mixing up all the holidays anyway. We are living through Level 10 of Jumanji. We might as well spice up the lockdowns by celebrating the holidays when we want.

You might wonder why I might appear confused the I mention 60 or 61 days. It really depends if you celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December or the 25th of December.

Zach Williams, my brother from another mother, is kicking off our Christmas preparations with his cover of the old tune “Go Tell It on the Mountain,” which happens to be an awesome celebration of the Nativity of Jesus.

“Go Tell It on the Mountain” is an African-American spiritual song, compiled by John Wesley Work, Jr., dating back to at least 1865, that has been sung and recorded by many gospel and secular performers.

I’m proud of what Zach has achieved in the last couple of years, and honored that I got to meet him and chat with him about my heart recovery.

Based on his latest single (this one), I’m certain that he is about to release a Christmas album which undoubtedly will be excellent.

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