Song of the Day: The Reason

A love story on a Friday morning?  Why not?

So, let’s turn the clock back to 2004 when the California band, Hoobastank, released one of their best and most well-known songs throughout their long history.

When you read the lyrics, it is clear.  It has become an anthem for second chances.  It was even featured in an episode of the TV show ‘Friends‘.

I’ve found a reason for me

To change who I used to be

A reason to start over new

And the reason is you

I’ve always wondered what Hoobastankactually is.  It is such a strange name and I hear it in random passing or movies.  When someone interviewed the lead singer, he said

Well, Hoobastank is a Californian or, in the area that I grew up, it’s a slang term for someone who has a shoe fetish“.

They decided to name their band after a shoe fetish!

I guess everyone and every name has some story, although this is probably not one of the prouder rock band names.

Nevertheless, they have made some great tracks in the last decade, and their name should not be mocked or make you turn away from their music.  On the contrary.

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