Less hugging – Minimize the Risk of Coronavirus Infection

World War Z, Resident Evil, Walking Dead, Crazies, etc. all spring to mind when watching the World news and seeing the fast-spreading Coronavirsu circling the World.

Economies are significantly impacted.  Traveling is being restricted to certain parts of the World (i.e. China) and the slow-moving invasion of Coronavirus across the Globe increases the fearmongering.

We have a challenge on our hands, but I’m confident that we will overcome this superbug too.

What really pisses me off is the fact that there are people trying to earn quick money on the Internet, Facebook and Instagram, pretending to raise funds for treatment or other malicious malware/hacking attacks .using well-worded phishing emails .. all in the name of making some money.

It is very hard, if not impossible, to stop the spreading of this virus.  It is too easy to travel from country to country, and you might not show symptoms at the time of travel.

While we can never prevent infection completely, there are certain steps we can take to minimize the risk.

I came across a nice article from the chief infectious doctor in Denmark, Svend Stenvang Pedersen, who provided some steps to minimize the risk of getting infected.  Again, please do not take this as the definitive prevention and don’t travel to areas that have an active outbreak.  I might have paraphrased

… and don’t eat strange food made from a rare breed of bats!

Medical Mouth Masks

Unless you are working in a hospital treating patients infected by the Coronavirus, or in an area where there are infected people, the need to wear a mouth mask is not deemed to be necessary.

Wearing a mouth mask when walking or driving to school is not needed either.

Again, mouth masks are not necessary for regular and common usage and are mainly required for medical staff working with infected patients; EMT, first responders, etc.

Obviously, if friends or family members are infected by the Coronavirus, then you might be provided with mouth masks as a precaution.

Hand cleaning is key

As most of these evil illnesses, the Coronavirus is primarily airborne and transmitted through coughing and sneezing.  It is therefore absolutely vital to clean your hands regularly and use hand sanitizers.

Clean your hands often.  Wash your hands before and after making food, as well as when using the bathroom.  Use tissues when coughing and sneezing, and use hand sanitizer afterward.

Hand sanitizers will kill the bacteria, viruses, and germs!

Do not cancel your vacation!

I fully understand and agree that traveling to an area that might have some cases of Coronavirus, there’s no urgent need to cancel your vacation.

Obviously, if you are traveling to ground zero in China, then you should reconsider, or regions where they might not have great medical support such as Iran and North Korea, then you should still go and enjoy your time off.

The actual virus only infects with a very short distance of 6-8 feet (about 2 meters), so simply avoid hugging people and limit handshaking.

Bring plenty of hand sanitizers and avoid heavily infected areas.

The Coronavirus will visit every country, but the risk of mass infections are much less in Western worlds due to available medical treatment and higher standards of hygiene in public areas and foods.

Please note, I’m not a doctor, so please avoid taking my advice as gospel.  You decide what is best for you and what you are most comfortable with.

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