Saturday Morning Musing

As I sit here, just before sunrise on a Saturday morning, looking at the light coming up behind the mountains in the horizon, I can only ponder on how grateful I am to be here.

Not in a morbid sense, but because life is good. It will get better every day, but today everything is good.

My wife is sleeping in and enjoying some alone time in dreamland.

2/3 of my kids are sleeping or perhaps enjoying the comforts of the warm bed.

My youngest daughter is coming down the stairs as a baby sloth, and the brown Labrador is curled up on the sofa.

I’m just sitting in my La-Z-Boy, with a freshly brewed cup of Black Riffle Decaf Coffee, relishing the sunrise.

The red and yellow colors put awesome colors on the forest and mountain ridge. The cold wind howls.

Today is a good day!

My week started well, but the climax was when I visited my cardiologists. (More about that later)

The news they gave me was a blessing and healed miraculously springs into my mind. Not out of the woods yet, but the path is in front of me and now it is just a matter of time that I need.

Today is a good day, and I’m positive for the view of the rest of my life.

I made it through 🙂

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