The Black Plague

I thought it was rather difficult to get Pneumonia these days, with all the medicine and over the counter drugs we can buy.  It never occurred to me that I would one day be the victim for this ancient population killer.

Pneumonia is only something that people caught when sleeping in their damp huts, brick moist cabins or ventured to colder parts of the world where they got wet and cold … and couldn’t get warm.

We had visited Wonderful Berlin (Germany) mid/end August, flying Delta Airlines.  It was a good trip – actually, it was a fantastic week … I’ll share my thoughts about that later.

Anyway, on the flight back to the US, my AC unit was on full power for 8 hours solid, and I could not turn it off, so I just covered myself.  I knew I would catch a cold, but those are somewhat easy to cure these days.

Fast forward three weeks, and we were preparing the house for our oldest daughter’s confirmation.  This involved clearing weeds, power washing deck, tidy up inside and full cleanup of the house.

On the Sunday afternoon, while power washing the deck, if did feel a slight pressure on the upper half of my chest, and slightly constricted when breathing.  Nothing alarming, and I just bundled up, dank some hot tea and continued my efforts.

Monday was fine, still a little under the weather, but fine.  However, Monday evening I had a severe breathing attack, with shallow breathing and low energy.  I started AC unit and that help clear the breathing.

Despite being a proud viking, I went to the local urgent care to get treatment.  Something wasn’t right.  And, rightly so, I got diagnosed with pneumonia and they prescribed antibiotics.

I stayed home from work most of that week, but worked a bit remotely.  I was not low on energy, and the antibiotics was working very well.  By Saturday (my daughter’s big day) I was pretty much 100% again … little did I know.

Sunday after the party, I had a small setback with breathing problems, and spent 3 hours under the AC unit again.  It cleared and I was ready for my check-up on the coming Tuesday.

The doctor listened to my breathing and lungs, and felt that it had improved.  I did share my slight setback a few days earlier (Sunday), but she said it could be the antibiotics dropping and exhaustion.

Everything was on the up again.  Back to work. Loving life and picking up my new truck.

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