House Elves

evlesI curse for Hermione Granger for standing up for house elves rights!  It’s quit obvious that families with kids need these little friendly helpers to do proper housework, in order to maintain a somewhat clean house.

For the past years, my ability to follow my true calling of being a super cleaner has been diminished by my fellow house inhabitants.  In fairness, we all try to chip in, but it is literally impossible to keep the house clean with 2 adults, 3 kids and a ridiculously sized dog.  However, I do blame my three-year old for causing havoc in the household.

She’s the master of turning rooms into war zones.  It must be some natural ability to somehow gather every item in a very unorganised pile on the floor, kicking it about for 11 minutes and then let the dog run all over it.  And to top it up, she paints imaginary friends and animals on the walls, hoping that they might join her demolishing party.

Something tells me that we are not the only ones struggling to keep the house tidy during the week.  It must be a common occurrence among most families, unless they hire house maids to do all the heavy lifting.

clothesJust staying on top of the laundry can be an exhaustive task.  A huge pile of clean clothes gets piled on the bed, and while we try to fold it all, the two youngest kids starts to dig caves in the pile … even the folded clothes.  All while our oldest daughters throws a hissy fit for not being allowed to use her iTouch while doing homework.

House elves would be ideal for our house.  Plenty of work to keep them going for weeks and it would allow the family to relax more.  There’s nothing worse coming home from work, trying to greet the entire family, while we all attempt to do our chores; cleaning, home work, playing with toys, cooking food, letting the dog out.  It’s insane the amount of tasks we try to cram into a short time window.

Then, when we expect visitors we can clean the entire house within a couple of hours, making it look like a show house.  But, it only takes 30 minutes for the youngest, after the guests have left, to turn it back to “normal”.  You gotta admire that skill!

How do you manage your house?  Does it get easier as the kids get older?  Any advice?

I would give a lot for bringing back Dobby or perhaps even Kreacher! Or perhaps even better, let me mum come to visit once a month to, but the trick is that she doesn’t like to fly and trans-atlantic flights are not cheap either.  SO, it looks like we have to figure this one out ourselves.

Put on the gloves, use some elbow-grease and get started!

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