He’s My Brother

As a father, it’s heartwarming when your kids does something spontaneously, especially if this involves random acts of love for siblings.

My oldest daughter decided to write a poem for her brother who has Down Syndrome.  It’s a poem that clearly describes her feelings for her brother and that having a disability doesn’t matter – love is strong and kids love each other.

I’m so proud and had to share my daughter’s poem, which my lovely wife added to a fantastic Down Syndrome 2013 awareness video.

It is lovely to have a brother with Down syndrome
because he feels love much stronger than I do

Whenever I help him he hugs me harder

When I dress up he looks up hugs, kisses and dances with me

He makes me feel like a princess

Once when he won a game and I lost he hugged me and started crying

Now when we play we laugh and he lets me win

Sometimes he can be a little rough when we wrestle and then I don’t really like him that much

But through all I love him with all my heart

He is so sweet

Sometimes he’s a little hyper

But nothing makes him different

Because I love him and that’s all that matters

He’s my brother!

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  1. ahh, Judgebrix. That truly is beautiful.
    What a wonderful big sister. Your house must be bursting with the love you all share.
    Would that all siblings loved eachother like that…


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