Unforgiving Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the day that should be celebrated with family and friends, munching on delicious Turkey and 15 sides – not to mention all the lovely pastries and desserts.

42 million people (approximate and rounded number obviously) travel across this great nation these days to spend time with their relatives.  It’s a travelers worst nightmare, but waking up to a true feast is worth the pain.

This is our second Thanksgiving and my God were we looking forward to celebrating today with some very good friends and their family.  Unfortunately Mother Nature had a different plan for us.

She (Mother Nature) unleashed some nasty stomach bugs on the three midgets, preventing them from keeping anything inside.  Most times our kids get sick in turn, but not this time!

Since Monday evening, the kids have taken turns ejecting their bodily contents from either end, in the best Exorcist style.  My wife and I have taken turns trying to catch these fluids, all while running the washer in continuous mode.

I even managed to destroy two feather pillows along the way as I threw them into the washer.  But, the washer couldn’t handle the extra load and the feathers started to lump up, and water wouldn’t leave the safety of the natural oily feathers.  It was not water off a ducks back, but more water sucked into the feather!

It’s amazing how parents can still function when sleep deprived.  We knew it was possible to do basic tasks when the kids were babies, but 3-4 hours sleep per night has a negative impact on the brain.

On the morning of Thanksgiving, with about 10 hours sleep since Monday, we turned on the tele to watch Macy’s parade.  Kids were still on BRAT diet (Banana Rice Applesauce and Toast), and we were refueling on caffeine.

Thanksgiving dinner later in the day consists of oven baked Salmon, steamed vegetables and stir-fried pasta with garlic.  The kids will get a plate of biscuits and water – all while I drown my tiredness in a bottle of red.

We’ll take revenge next year and might even host the turkey feast.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours – love,  the Judgebrix Clan.

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