Boy, Man & Father – the Naked Viking

It’s strange how time flies.  I still remember standing in the middle of my parents’ utility room, as they were pouring the wet concrete, and I was stuck in it with my red slippers.  Easy to understand why I was sent to a kindergarten at a very early age.

As I was growing up, my ways of getting into trouble increased.  Don’t get me wrong, I was not turning into a serial killer or criminal mastermind, I was merely exploring my parents’ patience levels.

These episodes involved starting a car at age 6, burning my fingers on a bonfire, rolling down my bicycle from a hill, “borrowing” tools from neighbors, locking car keys in boot, shooting holes in the decking ceiling, crashing my racer bike, pushing my sister’s car through the wooden garage wall, firing plastic suction arrow at family friend’s bare legs, falling with my head first on cow poo, getting drunk at school party (while my parents were guards), getting tattoos, stage dive, pulled over for suspected car theft and worked as roadie.

Obviously, this was a quick synopsis of my youth, and I’m certain my family can think of several other incidents.

Because I’m from a small family, we’ve always been very close and we have many close friends.  My parents always told me that it’s important to have friends.

I’m very fortunate to have two wonderful parents and an amazing sister.  My parents have supported me in most of my adventures, despite knowing that it meant leaving the safe shores of Denmark and move far away.

When starting my own family, and going through the joys of becoming a father, I learned how much patience is required.  More importantly, having kids taught me to be a better person … I think.

We’ve had our share of trials in recent years; daughter 1 born with a cleft palate, son born with Down Syndrome and daughter 2 born in breach.  All these events have just made our family stronger and made us realize that our kids are stronger than us.

The loss of my dad was overwhelming and I’m not sure I have fully yet understood he’s gone.  He was probably my best friend, without knowing it, as we spoke about anything and he would share his views.  For him, it was important that the family stayed true to each other, which we aim to continue to fulfill.

My mother has been through some hard years, but I can see now that she’s getting better.  It’s very difficult to lose your life-long partner.

My sister has a wonderful family, and they have been immense in their support towards us, and for helping the family heal again.  Yes, she’s an older sister, but she no longer beats me up.

My dear wife has been amazing and very supportive since we met many years ago.  We’ve had many adventures and seen wonderful parts of the World – I’m sure we’ll have many more adventures to come.

Enough about me!  Read some of my adventures instead 🙂

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