How I love my wife…


I first saw my wife in 1980 (I think) on a boat going to Venice in Italy, but didn’t see her again for 17 years.  Sure, you might think I’ve lost the plot completely.  I believe in destiny and we were meant to be with each other.  Some call this soul mates.  Well, why not?

I remember when I met my wife in Dublin in 1997, when we both attended a training class in a huge blue-chip company.  We joined the company at the same time, by coincidence, and we spent the next 6 weeks in the same class room.

Sitting in the back of the class room has always been my favourite spot, mainly because I could see all the people in the class and also because I could hide.  So, when we had to introduce ourselves to everybody else, I spotted her immediately.  This dark haired South American beauty, all dressed in black, walked across the floor.  It was like the World went into slow motion, just like in a corny American teenage movie, and she swung her black hair away from her face.  My jaw probably hit the desk with a loud bang, because she looked at me for probably 0.5 of second.  I thought this was it; she looked at me, excellent.  She knows who I am!!

Well, she didn’t.  It took several weeks of work to get even close to her, for her to look in my direction.  Why would she, I thought?  Well, one day I gathered all my nerves, walked up to her and said “msadngjasgobsgsd….hi!” – then I legged it.  She probably thought I spoke in some weird swahili dialect, but it was meant to be English.

3 weeks into training, I finally managed to sit beside her, during a minor lab exercise.  I was drooling and giggling, but otherwise I played it cool.  I let her answer all the questions (I knew the answers already anyway!!!), and I was just delighted that she knew my name.

After 4 weeks training, we had a class party, to celebrate we had made it so far.  I remember sitting next to her in the pub and when she looked at me and asked “Are you looking at me” I simply replied “No, I’m just crossed eyed!”.  What a stupid thing to say at the time, but it worked its magic.  Later that evening we were talking and making fun of people in the pub.  We had a blast.

However, when leaving the pub, I should have seen the red flags and warning signs.  Taxis were not easy to get at that time of night, so she laid down in the middle of the road.  Some weird guy stopped and gave us a lift back to the village.  He could have killed us three times, easily.  After that evening, she spoke to me and she knew my name – sort of.  I didn’t mind reacting to Gonzales.

Anyway, I managed to ask her out on a date, for her birthday, and that’s when she kissed me the first time.  Yes, you read it here first, she kissed me!  It was during a concert in a dodgy place in central Dublin and she literally attacked me.  I was close to shouting rape, but then I realised that would be VERY stupid.  That was it, I was sold.

We met regularly the days after the famous kiss, despite her being 2 hours late every time.  I didn’t mind standing, waiting in pissing rain, getting soaked.  We would talk, laugh and stare at each other for hours.  I invited her to the cinema, even if I didn’t know where the nearest cinema was, and we saw “Conspiracy Theories“.  I took her out for dinner in the local chipper (burger bar) and I waited for her for hours at the bus stop every time.

This all happened in 6 short weeks.  So, who ever said love takes time was an absolute fool.

Before the end of the 6 weeks, she moved into my small one bedroom apartment and we went to Galway on a long weekend.  It was magic.

Within 6 months, after our trip to Galway, I invited her to Paris.  Again, we had a wonderful trip and I even proposed to her in Le Train Bleu.  It was like a movie.

We saw all the sights.  She showed me where she had lived in Paris and I was amazed when she showed me a VERY special place.  It was a pub dedicated to the Virgin Mary – well, the men’s room was dedicated to porn.  The queue to the men’s room was at least 20 minutes long, but each visit was less than 1 minute.  Yes, we men are fast, and every man quickly went to the end of the queue again for some reason.

5 years after meeting we had a wonderful wedding in Denmark, with all our closest friends and family.  Today, we have three wonderful kids and we are still in love.

You might ask yourself, how can you still be in love after so many years?  It is easy.  I love my wife very much and she is the most beautiful woman in the World.  Yes, she has a few grey hairs and might walk around in her pyjamas all day (only sometimes), but she has the most amazing smile and sparkle in her eyes.  Don’t even get me started on her body…

She supports me in everything I do, except playing computer games (she’s shite at it), and she has been my inspiration throughout the years.

We have a lot of fun together and we have developed some great ways of resolving differences, such as dummy punches.  Of course we argue, but we finish the arguments fast, kiss and make up…
…we might also put on make-up  🙂

She is a wonderful mum and the kids adore her.  She has a way with the kids that I can only dream of.

I can’t lie too or keep a secret from her, hence I always buy her presents the day before or several days after the occassion, not to reveal my secrets.  Once I bought her a cool watch, but couldn’t keep my mouth shut, and gave it to her 2 weeks before her birthday. I ended up giving her another present for her birthday.

It is obvious we are getting older, and my body has changed for the worse, but I still get goosebumps when she touches my arm or face.  Some parts are starting to hang a bit (not mentioning which parts) but I really don’t mind.  I think it just makes her sexier.  I love growing old with her.

The amount of stuff we’ve experienced together is unreal and I know that we will have plenty more adventures together – I can’t wait.

My girl, if you read this, I love you and want to marry you again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.


  1. Lovely, just lovely – I didn't realise you 2 got engaged way back then? Or maybe I did at the time and just forgot along the way… old age and all that!

  2. Hvor smuk og rørende en historie….sidder her med tårer i øjenkrogen og varme i hjertet, jeg tror også på kærligheden og skæbnen….venter stadig på min tur skal komme….tak for dit mandsmod til at dele din historie og dine følelser for din kære kone….så smuk..tak Judgebrix.

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