Judgebrix in the New Year

For the past 5 months, I’ve been actively writing on my blog and publishing posts.

The posts have primarily been about me, my family and other weird challenges of being a dad.

I discovered during my writing revelation and much to the amusement of my old English teacher I’m sure, that I really enjoy writing.

Not only do I have to joggle life as a dad, but I also have to make sure I do a good job at work.  I must admit, it can at times be difficult finding time to play all the roles that I play during the week.

  • The loving dad role obviously comes naturally 🙂 and I try to spend as much time with the family as possible.  If I somehow neglect or forget that character, then I have the perfect wife to remind me.   *BANG*  *CHOP*  *SMACK* and I’m back being the daddy hero.
  • The worker supreme is my disguise during the week.  I wear a traditional office costume (suit and tie) to blend in with the crowd. They are not aware of my multi-skilled brain and abilities.  I look after the duties at the office, which keeps me busy and the day flies by.
  • In the role as husband I try to help my wife as much as possible.  Here I’m not just talking about the house stuff, but we actually spend time talking to each other … and not just about the kids.  Often we do end up on the sofa many times, feet up and watching TV or a movie.

Late 2010 I got the opportunity to write for other blog sites, which I’m extremely delighted about.  So, now I write for eumom and a technology company.

  • eumom focuses primarily on mothers, but has an increasing focus on fathers too – we do experience we want to share as well, so writing as Judgebrix fits in perfectly.
  • the tech blog is for a local fast growing IT company, where I write technical posts.  These posts are not in depth technical evaluation of products, but more view and opinions on various technologies.

All the posts are unique and I really enjoy challenging my writing skills on all these forums.  It keeps me hooked into various topics and it improves my writing skills.

Unfortunately writing on so many sites and at the same time looking after my full-time job, means that I’m forced to spend more time in front of my awesome 27″ iMac.  However, one of the benefits sitting in front of such a cool device is that I’ve developed a nice facial tan from the radiation from the screen.

I’ll do my best to fulfil all these roles but I must admit that it can be difficult at times.  I’m sure that I’ll neglect one, two or all of them at some stage.

This also means that my Twitter followers and users that I communicate with are not updated as frequently as I want to, but don’t forget, my family has first priority.

My full-time job is key to our quality of life and it allows us to enjoy some luxuries.  As a result, that’s my main focus during normal working hours.

All that said, I keep writing as many posts as I can, for the sake of my readers.  I do have an obligation to keep you entertained, so I hope you’ll understand if posts are not published as frequently as you might want.  I’d rather forget or delay writing posts, than neglecting my family.  The new posts will be written, not as often as intended, and I hope you will be entertained.

If you want my opinion on certain topics or posts, then please feel free to contact me or visit me on Facebook.  Or even better, if you want me to write some posts for your site, get in touch 🙂

My New Year resolution is to keep writing on the different sites and to release entertaining posts.  But, I also intend to complete writing my first kids book (I have two going at the moment), so it’ll be a busy year.

Happy New Year

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