Every country has them!

hoodyYou see them no matter where you travel.  They  are not a trade mark for any country, so you can’t say that this is only a phenomenon in e.g. England.  When you do get too close, you always try to cross the street or go into the nearest shop.  But why is that?

Actually, I’m not talking about the normal low-life criminals.  They are too easy to spot and are often harmless, unless in groups of 3 and up.

What I’m talking about are the strange group of fat feckers dressed in hoodies, biker clothes and track suits – but they have absolutely NO connection with e.g. Hells Angels.  Hells Angels are nice people, despite being involved in some minor gang related feuds, but they keep it within they community.

orangecountyThese hooded gorillas are normally walking around thinking they are the dogs bollocks, just because they wear Orange Chopper sweatshirt hoody.  It is not exactly like they are threatening or mean like Senior Teutul, but they think they are so cool.  No criminal organisation would hire them because they are out of shape and lacking verbal skills, other than saying “Fuck You”, “What are you looking at?” and “Go Rooney!”

The average age for these dudes is around mid forties, but they like to hang out with younger blokes too, pretending to be young again.  Obviously their midlife crisis.

If you look closely, they are actually very much like a group of chimpansees, and they behave similarly. They stroll around in their enclosure and pretend to be tough, but in reality they are scared of confrontation.  They thrieve on being loud instead, but only as a group.  Sir Attenbourough would be able to make a program about these, together with McIntyre of course, on human behaviors.

That said.  The younger generation in these groups are the ones to be scared of.  They’ll act agressively, destroy everything in their path (such as benches, trains, pubs, etc.) and act first by hitting people.  Again, very similar to the animal kingdom, like hyenas.  Stay clear of them if possible, they bite!

Another goup of hoodies that really make me laugh, are the ones that you always see on TV destroying everything to do with capitalism, and thereafter meet n McDonlad’s for some food.  They are always covering their faces, so that can only make me wonder if they are proud of what they believe in or not.  They want to change the way government act towards world poverty, but then they destroy cities and expect to get a community house where they can hang out.  One house these weirdos squadded in Copenhagen was an old abonded house – which I don’t mind.  But, this particular house was marked to be demolished because is wasn’t safe; the interior was covered with asbestos, which we all know is lethal to inhale.  They got really upset when evicted and caused the usual mayhem in the capital.  Then the government gave them a new house, a fully decotared club house, and they quickly destroyed that too.  I guess it was cramping their style.

blackheaded-gullsThis group of people reminds me of the noisy black-headed gulls floating in the skys, stealing every food they can find and harrass all costal areas.  They are really annoyingly loud (squawking) and their political agenda is getting boring.

I’m sure that if any hoody reads this blog, they either get really offended or they want me to join their little tea party.  Please be aware and cautious when encountering these hooded individuals – unless you are Harry Brown.

In all honesty, most of these hoody dressed guys annoy me, but they still have the right dress the way they want.  I’m sure they hate guys dressed with shirt and tie, thinking they are are stuck-up twats.  We live in a free World, but respect your fellow earthlings and don’t beat up people just because you think it’s fun.


  1. I remember the days when these people laughed at, and sometimes punched, people wearing hoodies. Now they wear them as a uniform.
    I can only speak for the UK here, society is going to the dogs and it seems that no one (us, the school teachers, the parents, the police) is allowed to do anything about it.
    The world needs more Harry Browns 🙂

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