Eyes full of sand

I’ve always helped out with the nightly feeds, despite how painful they might be on the body, as you are tired.  You just have to abstain from engaging with certain late night activities, such as going to the pub, drinking too much alcohol and/or staying up late to watch a movie.  It’s as simple as that!  That is why many parents stay home (become anti-social in some people’s eyes) during the first 8-12 months of their baby’s life.  We just don’t have the energy.

Monday morning was my first night feed, having spent the two previous nights trying to help my wife with the breastfeeding – and no, this is no moment to get all sexual, it is simply a matter of me helping to place the baby in her arms, so the baby can feed easily.  However, I must admit, the Dolly Parton Syndrome effect on my wife is a pleasant sight at 2.30 in the night.

Anyway, I woke up at 4.45, gently lifting the little princess up and walking downstairs.  It was amazing how quickly I memorized the nightly feed ritual; coffee, blankets, remotes, baby bottle and of course the main star herself.  She was starving and I had barely seen the intro of “The Mummy” before she had finished her feed.  She savored the last 20ml, while staring around the room, as I was watching the movie.

When she had emptied her bottle, which made me proud to see, I gently placed her on my shoulder to make her burp.  Sweet lord!  This can be a scary moment for any parent, as you are not sure what to really expect.

The baby has a number of options available:

  • Projectile milk covering you, the sofa and parts of the wall  – generally anything in front of the baby
  • Enormous fart, that warms the palm of any grown man, and makes you wonder if that hurt
  • Hiccups, which in worst case could lead to option 1
  • Burping sounds, which in some cultures is a symbol of excellent food

My daughter chose the last option, thankfully, but the sound and quality would make any teenage boy envious.  My left eardrum was ringing for several minutes after that experience, but I didn’t care.   I’ve seen “The Mummy” a few times already, so I knew the dialogue.

The innocent little angel simply smiled, after releasing what must have been, the World’s loudest baby burp.  It is a delight to share such moments with your child.  I can only imagine how amazed her friends will be at the first parties, when getting older.  After that performance, she fell asleep on my shoulder.

Back garden

It is bizarre to wake up so early, mainly because you are amazingly awake.  Sitting in front of the computer at 05.30, listening to the first birds chirping and seeing the first rays of the son, is actually a magical moment.  There’s absolutely no point going back to bed.  The other two kids are going to wake up soon anyway, so I might as well keep going.

I better get going – bread is almost done baking, I have to prepare breakfast for the kid, make their lunch boxes too and prepare the next load to be washed.

Good morning, where ever you are.


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