Heart Attack vs Heart Failure pt 2

While trying to better understand the differences between failure and attack, I share a few of my thoughts on the topic. My views might be too simplistic and I welcome any feedback.

This post is mainly around the recovery process and how we recovery … or make lifestyle changes. And how this in my view differs.

With heart failure an event happens, you get surgery and then start the recovery process. Perhaps not that simple, but it is a well-known process and surgery that is almost as common as an appendix surgery.

In my view, heart attack patients are probably better at adapting to the new norm, and that is in part because their incident can be fixed with surgery.

Once you have gone through surgery, you have a tough recovery which could take weeks It is an uncomfortable journey.  Remember, the surgeon just opened up the chest and repaired your heart.  Once you are through the recovery, you go back to living a fully normal life again and no big incentive to change your lifestyle.  Your heart was fixed and it is almost as good as new.

However, it is, of course, recommended that you avoid or reduce certain indulgences and modify your diet.

Some heart attack patients I’ve met have not changed diet or exercise much after their incident. They are happily living as they were before. I’m certain they are monitoring themselves closely and I know they have regular checkups with a cardiologist. I fully understand and would probably also find it easier to get back to life, if my heart was fixed like theirs.

Even their cardiologists are more relaxed about wine, beer, red meat intakes, as long as it’s done in moderation of course.

Heart failure recovery is different (in my humble opinion).

We absolutely must change our lifestyle (diet and exercise) and avoid stressful environments whenever possible.  It is the only way we can fully recover and give our hearts a chance to heal.

Without the diet change, see my food section, the heart will not be able to recover. Salt is your enemy and you seriously need to monitor what you put inside your body.  Your immune system, blood pressure, stamina, and emotions are on the edge – all the time.

This is not a competition on which heart incident is worst or which patients are stronger.  It’s about understanding and sharing the differences so our family, friends, and colleagues can help recover faster as they also understand what we experience.

  1. Are there differences between heart attack and heart failure patients?
  2. Do we recover differently?

Please share your thoughts and ideas about this!  I want to learn more.  We can help more heart warriors together.

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