Summer Time, Farts & Eagles

snowdropSummer time arrived during the early morning 8th of March, year of the lord 2015.

Nothing special really.  It has happened so many times before, but something special does come along with moving clocks forward.

I have to admit it might be a little difficult to accept summer is coming, considering we still have 2 feet (or more) of snow all over.  It’ll take a long time to melt, but let’s stay positive.

Longer days - More sunshine (we hope) -
Heating up - Dusting off garden furniture -
Uncover the trusted BBQ - Sound of motorcycles -
Melting snow - Snowdrop flowers - Cleaning

But for me this day was super special.  I got to spend it with my youngest of the three.  Just her and I hanging out while the rest of the gang got to enjoy ‘Aladdin‘ on Broadway.

You might say “where’s the justice in that!?” as surely the family should all go to Broadway.  We would love to go all of us, but sometimes young kids are not permitted to attend the theater and some times we have to consider ticket prices 🙂

Our day started with kicking the gang out of the house, and then the adventures really started.  We had already agreed, her and I, that we would bake cakes (plural) and then fart in all the rooms, including on mum’s pillow.  The plans had been plotted, now it was just a matter of putting them into action.

We baked two massive cakes: chocolate cake and apple cake (mormon’s æblekage).  The little one gets so excited when she gets to mix all the ingredients and use the hand mixer.  I love seeing her smile, laugh and try out her baking skills.  It doesn’t matter that we have flour, eggs, sugar, and used utensils all over the kitchen.  We have fun at that’s what matter, and afterwards she gets to lick the dough off the whisks.

The warm sweet smell filled the rooms and while we were waiting we started to watch “The Hobbit“.  It’s never too early to start seeing these awesome movies.

As soon as the cakes were ready, we started sampling our creations.  First chocolate, then apple cake, closed supported by a nice glass of cold milk.  Excellent choice as lunch time meal.  I’m sure the missus would prefer a more appropriate selection but she’s not here to ‘guide’ us down the correct path.

She was totally absorbed by the movie, loving the battles with goblins, running across Middle Earth landscapes and then screamed when the eagles arrived to rescue the group of dwarves, hobbit and wizard.  She slowly turned to me and said “dad, you are big enough to ride eagles too.  Can I ride with you?”  Then she gave me a big hobbit hug.

Man, I love these moments where you can just relax with your child.  Smile together. Fart together.  Generally do some father-daughter bonding.

Too often we parents are withdrawn in daily routines, discussing stupid work related events, worried about money and devote little time to our kids.  Weekends are created to do just that.

I strongly encourage parents to set aside time with their kids.  It doesn’t have to cost anything and you can spend time together at the house playing games, cooking, baking, watching movies and just fart.

Happy summer time kick off.  Let’s get ready for good times ahead!


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