The UN of people

My lovely South American flower had over the last few years expressed a lot of interest in tracking down where she’s from.  We know where she’s from biologically; born and raised.  But, do we really know where her roots are from?

She wanted to do it DNA / Jurassic Park style, by sending a pint of blood off to some mad scientist, who then could tell her where her ancestors originates from – and thanks to another great offer on Groupon we got her access to the DNA DIY kit.

Well, let me explain the DNA process briefly.

  1. You buy the DNA kit
  2. They ship it to the house
  3. You supply some hair or other materials containing your DNA
  4. You ship it back to the mad scientists
  5. After a few weeks they email you the results

Bingo dino-DNA!  Well, not really.  You get a link to your results, where you can see where you originate from.

It is now totally clear that my wife is the UN of people – she’s literally from all over the World, and that would also explain A LOT about her personality and fantastic good looks.

DNA poster

The map shows the top 5 countries where her ancestors are from, and these are ranked based on where the connections are strongest;

  1. Peru; short and sweet
  2. Guinea-Bissau; great smile and eyes
  3. New Zealand; warrior
  4. Kuwait; exotic
  5. Ireland; great craic

As I stated earlier in the post, the traits of these countries can clearly be seen in my wife’s temper, affection, beauty and body design.  This is best illustrated with images of images from each of these regions, and please see this and my comments as humorous, and NOT as anything else.

Above images are sorted in the same order as the ranking listed above.

The short and the long is, she has taken all the good traits from all these nations; smile, dark hair, exotic looks, short, hot-tempered, cheerful, stubborn, dangerous when mad and great with the kids.

Do you know where you are from?

It’s actually scary how accurate some of these results are, and I can clearly see where she’s getting her lovely personality from. I must admit, I was a little surprised to see Ireland on the map, but then again many olive skin and black haired people live on the West coast as the first Irish settlers originated from Northern Spain.

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