Caught in the Act 2

Back in October 2008 I posted a blog about me getting caught on CCTV for littering.  I fought the law and lost €150.  Back then, my wife found it extremely amusing that I was actually caught in the act and that they had CCTV footage of me doing the crime.

Times have changed and we learnt from my mistake…or have we?

speed checkAlmost on the 2nd year anniversary of my litter fine, my wife drove our daughter to horseback riding, on a cold Saturday morning.  Our son and I were sitting in the kitchen, finishing our breakfast, when suddenly I received a text message (SMS) on my phone.  I don’t get that many text messages, so I ran over to check it.  It was from my wife, and it said “I’ve just been clocked speeding.  How much is a fine?”.

Somewhat amused, I replied back that she had it coming with her Schumacher tendencies.  It’s just a miracle she hadn’t been caught before.  Now it was my time to gloat and laugh – much easier when you are not face-to-face with the person that is.  If she would have been anywhere near me, she would probably have punched me several times or bitten me.  But I was in a safe distance of approx. 14 miles.

road_rageI hate to admit it, but my wife suffers from road rage syndrome, which affects many female drivers.  It is a condition that we have worked hard to surpress, but it is difficult for me to monitor her progress, when she has the car most days.

Symptoms of RR syndrome are (warning, they may have ALL symptoms):

  • They don’t let ANYBODY in, in front when merging
  • They develop foul language and words, that even a builder would fear
  • They require extra thick front windshields and side windows, to protect against flying objects (objects targeted against fellow drivers)
  • Any passenger, 18+ years, will have to accept verbal abuse and take the blame for certain actions
  • They are NEVER wrong

So, I decided to call her as well, just to rub it in some more.  She picked up and she wasn’t amused.  Strangely, I could hear she was still driving, which made me wonder (and ask of course) if she didn’t know it was illegal to use the mobile while driving, unless you have a car kit.

happy-faceWe actually don’t know if she was clocked or not, as it has been almost 5 months and we haven’t received a fine yet.  It took more than 4 months for me to get my fine, so there’s still time for them to collect – but don’t tell anyone.
– so much for saving money!

As for me.  I’m just delighted that I now have something on my missus.  We are both smooth criminals.


  1. i cant tell you how many times ive been on the receiving end of my moms road rage. it can be terrifying.

  2. same here, hence I refuse to let my mum drive. My right arm is still sore from my wife punching, when other drivers make "silly" maneuvers.

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