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Me and My Girl

Welcome to the weird and wonderful adventures of my family; 2 adults, 3 kids and 3 dogs.  We are a fairly normal bunch of people that goes through day-to-day challenges.  What could possible go wrong?

Meet the members of the Clan:

  • Me – Judgebrix, father and big kid (more information below)
  • Wife – mother of 4 (incl. me), wanna be cake designer, a fantastic mother and makes a kick ass gazpacho
  • Kid 1 – 11 year old girl, experiencing pre-teen symptoms and knows how to use iPad, iMac, iTunes – everything Mac of course – wants to build apps and ride horses
  • Kid 2 – 10 year old boy with determination like no other to go forward and loves Kung Fu Panda and Toy Story (+ Barnyard) … he loves boobs!
  • Kid 3 – 5 year old girl, with an attitude that would scare Ozzy

I know it’s absolutely bizarre to have a name like Judgebrix.  But, one has to be able to disguise ones identity, just like the super heroes in movies and magasines, even if I then expose myself completely by writing a blog about my family – not the brightest of ideas I know?!  To be honest, it use to be my old network gamer name!  (sad?  I know)

My parents got married in 1965, bought a house in the outskirts of a small village (and I do mean it was the outskirts).  The nearest shop was in the city centre 7 miles away – a long way to walk for a 6 year old boy.  My mum was working in a bank and my dad had just started up his own business – pretty normal stuff for our parent’s generation.  They got married and settled down much earlier, and life was much less stressful too.

A few years later my sister was born.  I know, I shouldn’t be mentioning a lady’s age, but I didn’t say she was born in ’68, did it?  Sorry sis!  I followed a few years later, in the beginning of the summer, and on the same date as the Prince of Denmark.

collageI was born in the very early 70s and witnessed the evolution of the TV from 6 to 600 channels.  My parents was one of the first families on the street to get a colour TV, and it had 6 buttons!  The amount of channels we had back then ranged from mildly boring to US German dubbed TV series such as Colt Seavers, A-Team, MacGyver, Dynasty and Fraggle Rock.  Growing up in Denmark, we had 2 Danish channels and 4 German channels.  I was speaking German before learning my own language.  Now, I have 200 channels and I have still no idea what to watch.

To learn more about me, and my family, and all our wonderful adventures, please read the blogs here.  Feel free to share these (and my site) with people you might know.  Hope you’ll enjoy these little stories and I’m sure they’ll make you recognise similar events in your own life.

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  1. I have come across your blog and the media attention you created regarding LETNS.

    There seem to be alot of inconsistency’s to your story…You say you are forced to leave the country because of your son being refused a place in the school in MAY. However, you seem to have accepted a new job/life in the US in APRIL. How is this so? It would seem by your own words, you never had any intention of putting your son into the school, but rather take your other child out and begin a new life in America.

    May I make a gentle suggestion that before you bring your story to the media, ensure you have your story straight.

    A Parent

    • Lucie,
      Thank you very much for your comment, I really appreciate the interaction.

      For some there might seem to be inconsistencies in the stories told in the media and by other involved parties. Whether we are going to the US or not, we felt that the story had to be told, as the treatment received and the process applied by the school was flawed and did not support a child’s development – despite the application being supported by professionals in HSE.

      You might think it’s an easy decision to rip up your family and move to another country, but it’s not. Ireland is our home and we will be moving away from all that’s dear to us, to start over again. Why? Our son needs a proper education and support, which we clearly can’t get in Ireland anymore, due to the cuts and an (to us) unfair enrollment process.

      That said, we are not the only family going through this and this needs to be brought to the attention of the news. Kids with disabilities are not getting the required support, which is against the EPSEN. I honestly hope that this story will get people talking and hopefully the outcome will provide a better future for other kids in Ireland. We believe this is in the best interest of other kids in Ireland.

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